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Bertoletti Valerio srl


Our factory deals in close co-operation with customers, with the aim of providing them with the perfect solution for their needs, quickly and with maximum efficiency.

Starting from the customer’s design, we produce specialist rubber and silicone gaskets for use in various industrial fields.

Our production lines include flexible gaskets, membranes, bellows, tubes, components for heat exchangers and various types of rubber products for highly specialized uses. We also produce composite components in rubber-metal (aluminium, brass, iron/steel), in rubber-plastic and rubber-fabric applicable in many sectors.

In accordance with the Customer’s provisions, we take care of the creation of the mold and select the compound to be used, and then mold the product on our 80 to 270 ton presses.

This is followed by careful post-molding selection and possible assembly with metal, plastic or fabric components. Finally, we provide packaging and logistics services for the rapid delivery of the products.

Here below you have a sampling gallery of our production, obviously reduced as most of the products we make are owned and designed by the Customer.


Call us, contact us by e-mail or by filling out the form on the "Contacts" page. Our sales office and technical office are at your disposal to welcome and evaluate your requests for custom-made rubber seals.

Bertoletti Valerio s.r.l.

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+39 035 82.74.53